Artemis Fowl: Eternity Code

Author: Eoin Colfer
Reading Level 6.2
Interest Level 6-8
Lexile 620L
Guided reading level X
My Recommended Age: 11 and up

Artemis Fowl has designed a super-cube from stolen fairy technology. The small device has the potential to make all current human technology obsolete. Although Artemis has promised his father he will stop all illegal activities, Artemis plans to use the cube to pull off one final scheme. He sets a meeting with an evil entrepreneur, Jon Spiro, in order to broker a deal for the technology. But the evil businessman springs a trap—he steals the 'C' Cube and mortally injures Butler. Artemis than must race to the fairies in order to save Butler's life. They also must find a way to steal the cube back, in order to keep Spiro from discovering the underground fairy world.

The further into this series we go, the more we enjoy Artemis's character. In the first two books, Artemis seems to offer some shallow remorse, which is written just like that...shallow. However, this is the first time it seems, that Artemis actually realizes what a low down guy he was. Also, the friendship that has developed between Artemis and Holly is so great!

Once we get to book 3 in a series, we kind of know what to expect. However, this one does have some minor instances worth mentioning. As previously mentioned, Butler is mortally injured. There is gunfire, explosions, and violence and then Artemis must find a way to have Butler's body preserved until he can enlist the fairies help. This may bother some readers as he takes Butler to a cryo-tank (Giant Freezer). Also, Spiro's security system includes body scan imaging, so Artemis and Holly have to get creative in order to obtain the necessary body parts. Once again, Colfer has come up with some cool "techno-gizmo's" that bring such a James Bond feel. The profanity in this one seemed to jump out at me a little more, as Commander Root seemed to loose his temper often.

It really is a great read, but it is not for every age. If you started your kids too young, this one might push the envelope a little. If you waited until they were 11-12 or older, you should be fine.

Happy Reading and Enjoy!
~Liz and Becky

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