The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters

13th Reality Series Book 1
Author: James Dashner
My recommended age: 11 and up
Lexile 910 L
Interest Level: grade 5-8

Fantasy Atticus Higginbottom (Tick) is an average kid who gets picked on at school. Then one day a mysterious letter arrives which offers to change his life forever. Following the directions will be dangerous, but the fate of the world as we know it rests in whether Tick is willing to help. Obviously he accepts the challenge or the book would be over after 2 chapters, and Tick must figure out a series of clues in order to find the mysterious sender and save the world.

From the title of this book, and the early references to quantum physics, the reader should be able to guess that the premise of the story is that there are different realities in which the world exists. I guess I'm not as smart as the average bear however, because I kept looking forward to the chapter that would just lay it all out for me. We get the details at the end, but I was still going "so let me see if I get this straight". I did enjoy the book, but felt it started off a bit slow. I also had a hard time with the whole alternate reality concept, but I've heard that it's a big theme in Star Trek, so fans of that will probably love it. Anyway, nothing offensive at all in this book, it was clean all the way through. One of my favorite aspects is when Tick needs help, he asks his dad, and his dad is cool about it!


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