Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen
My recommended age: 14 and up

I have always wanted to read this book but never took the time until recently.  At first it was a bit frustrating because it made me feel like a bit of an idiot (my "high English" is a bit rusty). I'd find myself having to reread sentences to figure out what the author was saying. I mean really, why does it take 17 words to say "house plant". Alas, I did get used to the speech and thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. So much in fact that I proceeded to watch the 5 hour BBC movie. Nothing at all offensive for any age. I recommend not reading this until kids are a bit older just because I can see readers younger than high school getting bored and giving up.


Like Becky, I fought reading this for a long time.  I actually thought that I had read it, but had confused it with Jane Eyre. (Huge Difference...I know)  This book is the epitome of opposites attract.  Despite his coldness, which often came across as snobbish, I loved Mr. Darcy and enjoyed his character immensely.  I, however, can not imagine him being so in love with Elizabeth after their few short meetings, or him ever coming back to her after the way she treated him.  I think that may have been a little of Jane Austen's wishful man thinking...

For those who do not know about Pride and Prejudice (what planet are you from),  Jane's sister runs off with a soldier, out of wedlock, but they are married shortly thereafter.  Other than that it is an enjoyable classic!

Happy Reading

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