Midnight for Charlie Bone

Children of the Red King Series Book 1
Author: Jenny Nimmo
My Recommended reading age: 9 and up
Lexile 630L
Fantasy Fiction
Charlie Bone is an ordinary kid with weird relatives who one day discovers an unusual skill (Endowment).  He is therefore enrolled into Bloors Academy, a school for kids some with special gifts. He makes good friends there and has to fight against the evil Bloor family. This book is a total Harry Potter wannabe. From the kids at the academy who are divided up into the music, art, and drama groups, to the "colored capes" they wear signifying what group they belong to, it's obvious that the author is copying JK Rowling. This book is much shorter and simpler, so younger kids can enjoy it. If you don't mind the similarities to H.P. it is a good read. While there is nothing offensive, the Bloor family is pretty creepy and intense. 

Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz 

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