The Last Olympian

Author: Rick Riordian
My recommended age: 11 and up
Fantasy Fiction
This is the final book in the Percy Jackson series, and while I have enjoyed this series, I was ready for resolution. Once again, this is a bit repetitive as far as fighting battle after battle. I think that if you read the books as they are released, so you are only experiencing one per year, this wouldn't be so obvious.  Seeing as I read them all in order it was very apparent.

In this book Percy and his friends have to defend Mount Olympus from the Titans who are on their way to destroy it. The whole book is spent with the kids from Camp Half Blood in New York City, fighting off the attack of Kronos and his army. In the end they win of course, and the battle is fun to read. Riordian leaves an opening in the book for another series, which I would read.

Overall I enjoyed the adventures of Percy Jackson, and thought the idea of the Olympians was very original. Nothing in this book offended me, I think the whole story line might confuse kids a bit under age 11.


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