Does Harry Potter's magic promote witchcraft?

I was in the library a while back,  and I started visiting with a gal about one of the books her son picked out to read.  It happened to be a Charlie Bone book, and having read all of them, she was asking me about the story. I told her a little about that series and we went on the discuss some of the other books her son had read and enjoyed. These included Artemis Fowl, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. Funny enough when I asked about Harry Potter she immediately informed me that they did not read Harry Potter, it was evil.

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud and say, "huh"!

I had read every book series that she mentioned her son having read, and I am sure that Harry Potter will no more lead her son to believe in witchcraft and sorcerey than any of the other series we had discussed. Did she never watch bewitched as a child?

I honestly believe that some leaders of different churches hear the words wizardry/witchcraft/sorcery and instantly believe that the Harry Potter series are the evil witchcraft stuff mentioned in the Bible. They follow blindly without taking the time to read the books, or research any other points of view.  Harry being a wizard is not any different then Luke having "the force", Charlie Bone being "endowed," or Gandolf being a wizard. In fact, I found the Lord of the Rings series far more disturbing than any of the Harry Potter books. 

The big difference, is that Harry does not acquire his magic from the devil, nor does he rely on the devil to promote it.  Harry's is born with magic, similiar to us being born with musical ability or talents.  Recently a friend sent me an an article which explains what I am trying to say much better than I think I ever could.

Now I realize that everyone won't love the books the way I do, I can't even get my husband to read them. I am fully aware that they may not be other people's of cup of tea, and that's totally fine. I only take issue with those who criticize my choice to read them based on blind faith. So the next time the lady at the bus stop tells all the other waiting mothers that my son should be taken away by child protective services because he has a Harry Potter backpack, I hope she takes the time to read and decide for herself whether or not her opinion of my favorite series is warranted. What do you think?

There are relatively few series, which the lines between good and evil are so clearly drawn, as well as the consequences of the choices between good and evil.  I can not think of many books where the main character has such a desire for a strong family, strong bonds of friendship, and positive role models.  Is it a perfect book, absolutely not!  But, J.K. Rowling has somehow managed to create a world which every child and many adults long to be a part of.  She has created a magical bond between her characters and their readers.  And, her books have single-handedly planted seeds of reading in millions all over the world.  Are the books promoting witchcraft as referred to in the Bible, absolutely not.  However, as with every other book, we as parents need to recognize that some of the subject matter may not be appropriate for kids of all ages.  If you are handing your seven year old, Deathly Hallows, he/she might start having nightmares.  At the right age, Harry Potter's is a wonderful world that offers a completely enjoyable reading experience.

What do you think?


  1. I think the Harry Potter series is one of the best for interesting, exciting good vs. evil, the value of good friends/loyalty, and dedication and commitment (to school, sports, friends, family, and the right cause). Our family has had many discussions on the decisions and happenings in the series. And never has it seemed like real/evil witchcraft stuff to me.

  2. I'm really (by most standards) a very conservative Christian. There are many popular books that I absolutely do not approve of, however I must say that I adore the Harry Potter series personally & will encourage my kiddos to read them when they are old enough (oldest is still only 9).
    The books certainly do not promote evil & sadly many Christians misinterpret the word "sorcery" in the Bible. Most translations of "magic" or "sorcery" really translate to the word "pharma" & are in reference to the use of mild altering substances for non-medicinal use.
    Witchcraft & the interpretations (& direct translations) in the bible are a very interesting subject for a history lesson & many prominent (& logical) members if the church had historically debunked the idea that "witches" were any sort concern for the church. (Sadly horrible witch trials occurred anyway).
    Fantasy is an enjoyable genre & I wouldn't steer my children from tumbling into the exciting world of Harry Potter when it's so innocent!
    Just my 2 cents. I say Christian moms shouldn't avoid the Potter series. The Eragon series on the other hand, definitely not for the non-adult!


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