Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Author: JK Rowling
My recommended age: 10 and up
Fantasy Fiction
Guided Reading Level: W
Lexile Level: 880L
Things are getting darker and he who must not be named is getting stronger. Harry has to compete in the Triwizard tournament which may turn out deadly for him. He is growing up and has his first crush on a girl.

This book is amazingly clever and very enjoyable. At this point in the series, Rowling takes a huge step towards a darker, more intense story.  The elements of the plot weren't offensive, but lots of the story was scary. Several people are murdered, but not graphically in an offensive way.  A hand is cut off.  Harry is tortured by a curse and forced to duel with a villian alone in a dark graveyard.   Overall, It's one of those books that you dream about after you read it, and even as an adult there were a few nightmares involving Voldemort.  Don't let younger kids read this before going to bed unless you want them in your room for the night!
Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz

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