Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Author: JK Rowling
My recommended age: 10 and up
Lexile Level: 940L
Fantasy Fiction
Guided Reading Level: W

Harry is back at Hogwarts and the school is in danger. Something is out to rid the school of muggleborns and it's up to Harry and his friends to figure out what's going on. This book continues the story of The Sorcerer's Stone, including witches, wizards and magic.

Some of the situations might be scary to younger readers, such as a girl being taken captive, giant spider attacks, and a giant snake.  It was intense at the end, but not offensive to us.  The story is really creative and very captivating!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!
~Becky and Liz

Liz says:

I love the Harry Potter series.  However, for a long time, this was my least favorite in the book. I was particularly bothered by the whole "child in peril"... posessed by a 17 year old boy bit.  I realize that I may be a little sensitive, but with my kids, we listened to this book on audiobook first (together) and only then did I let them read it.  

Happy Reading

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