The Skin Jacker Triology Book 1
Author: Neal Shusterman
My recommended age: 12 and up
Guided Reading Level: V
lexile 860L

There is a world between life and the afterlife where kids sometimes get caught after they die. Nick and Allie are both killed in a car crash but somehow get trapped in Everlost on their "way towards the light". As they explore this world, they meet other kids who have also gotten lost. There is also a monster who delights in tormenting the "everlights", and a queen who takes in the lost souls, helping them understand the life they now lead.

I really enjoyed this book and found nothing offensive in it. Just like in life, Everlost has bullies.  Be aware that Everlost kids "sink" if they don't keep moving, and the concept of kids being able to "sink" to the center of the earth might scare younger readers.  The monster "Mickey" (who torments kids because he can) might is also sort of frightening, but in a rather comical way.  This is a great read.


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