The Battle of the Labyrinth

Author: Rick Riordan
My recommended age: 11 and up
Lexile 590L
Fantasy Fiction
Alright, this book kinda pushed the envelope for originality a bit... the Olympian theme was still there and original, but in this book Percy et al. have to go through a Maze, battle various obstacles along the way, including a Sphinx, and in the end Percy sees the bad guy "get a new body". Hello, if this wasn't a Harry Potter and the Goblet rewrite I could eat my shoe. It was a bit hard to swallow this time around; but admittedly, I did want to see what would happen next, so Riordian was a good story teller, when he wasn't trying to be JK Rowling. Nothing in this book.  Nothing offended me; although there were kids fighting each other to the death. Just a bit of deja vu to deal with.


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