The Sea of Monsters

Author: Rick Riordan
My Recommended Age: 12 and up
Fantasy Fiction
Guided Reading Level: S
Lexile 740L
Percy Jackson has almost completed his seventh grade year without any problems. He is anxious to return to Camp Half-Blood where he finally feels "at home". Unfortunately, monsters show up for his final dodge ball game of the year so beginning the adventure for Percy this year. Percy will need to find the Golden Fleece and use it to save the guardian tree that protects his beloved camp. Riordan introduces a new character in this book, Tyson, whom I thoroughly enjoyed. Once again, the issue of promiscuity among the Greek Gods is ever-present, as well as loads of near-death experiences. Percy seems to just escape one, when he gets himself into another one. They are not intense or graphic, there are just a lot of them. Also, I thought that Riordan sounded like a Rowling wannabe in the first Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief. I am sure now that Riordan is riding on the coat tails of Rowling with this one. Percy's nightmares, the evil Kronos coming back, the oracle and its prophecy regarding the chosen one. I do realize that complete originality is difficult, but really, even Tyson felt a bit like Hagrid to me. Overall, the pre-teen boys will love it.
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Becky says:

My Recommended age:  10 and up for advaced readers, otherwise ages 11 and up.


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