River Secrets

Author: Shannon Hale
My recommended age: 11 and up
Lexile: 860L

On the third time around we get to know more about Razo. He is a feisty young man who is a bit unsure about himself and his role in the elite mission to Tira, but is still willing to try. He is all boy and very set on proving his worth as a soldier. Razo is such a great character. It was so nice to get away from the "girls" perspectives for a minute and enjoy the story as a guy would see it. It still had the fairy-tale subplot but more-so from the male perspective.
Once again, the only offensive items would include people burning from the inside and "war type" writing (sparring, dueling, and battle practices). Overall, a fun twist on the series which seemed to be headed for monotony.

Happy Reading and Enjoy!
Liz and Becky!

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