The Monster at the end of this Book: starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover

The Monster at the end of this Book: starring Loveable, Furry Old Grover
Author: Jon Stone
Illustrated By: Michael Smollin
Picture Book
Ages: Everyone

This book begs to be read out loud! Not only do my kids love seeing Grover and his antics to keep us from getting to the end of the book, but they LOVE hearing me sound like Grover (Mind you, it is much easier to read when I have a cold...) It can easily be read over and over again to even the smallest child.

The book is definately appropriate for "Sesame Street" age children, although it is a great book for older kids to read to younger siblings.
Happy Reading and Enjoy!
~Liz and Becky

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  1. Another Monster at the end of this Book is a great sequel as well.


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