Goose Girl

The Books of Bayern: Book 1
Author: Shannon Hale
My Recommended Age: Girls 10 and up (If reading level is not too difficult)
Lexile Level: 870L

Goose Girl is a fairy-tale about a young princess who is betrayed while on her way to marry her betrothed prince.  Before she can reveal herself as the true princess, she takes a job as the Goose Girl for the King.  She is blessed with several "gifts" such as animal speaking, wind speaking, and good friends.

Recently, my girls and I listened to this on audio book and loved it!  I was afraid that it might be too long to hold their attention, but the story held them for the three weeks it took us to finish it! 

I would recommend this book to anyone, especially pre-teen girls who aren't quite ready for the heavy young adult series. However, if the reading level is too hard, don't shy away from the audio version as it is just as entertaining.  It is a bit slow to start, but nonetheless a great read.

Happy Reading

Becky Says:

My recommended age: 11 and up

As an adult I enjoyed this book immensely; although, I think the story might not capture the attention of girls younger than 11.  It is a bit slow moving in parts and I found myself waiting for the story to happen. There is part where the princess' horse's head is hung and it "speaks" to her, and this was a bit disgusting to me. Shannon Hale has a gift for creating "picturesque" writing so I could total imagine what this might have looked like, and it wasn't pretty.


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