Enna Burning

Author: Shannon Hale
My Recommended Age: Girls 12 and up
Lexile: 800L

Isi's friend Enna is the main character in this second book of the Bayern series. Here we learn of her gift, the gift of fire-speaking. Much like Isi's gift of wind speaking, Enna must learn to control her gift and use it for good.

This book contains little offensive material, but definitely some disturbing images.  Enna is driven with fire and a need to burn things.  She uses her ability to burn as a weapon of war and as such burns many things including people.  Her descriptions of the fire within are a bit erry, as well as the images of Enna's brother burning from the inside.  

Enna Burning is not the sweet fairy tale that Goose Girl was, but it was worth the read.   On a personal note, this is not the best book to read when you are having your insides boiled (endometrial oblasion)...it really brings the whole "burning within" to life. 
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Becky says:
My recommended age: 11 and up

I nicknamed this book "confessions of a pyromaniac" because of Enna's preoccupation with fire speaking. The descriptions of her obsession with fire reminded of what a drug addict might feel towards drugs. I had a hard time with that, which made this my least favorite book in the series. The references to Enna lighting people on fire from the inside were also um... kinda yuck, and to me disturbing.


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