Book of a Thousand Days

Author: Shanon Hale
My recommended ages: 12 & up

I usually enjoy Shannon Hale's books. This particular one sparked my interest and so many of my friends enjoyed it, that I was anxious to read it. The book is a retelling of a Brother's Grimm fairy-tale, in which Dashti, a ladies maid and healer, is shut in a tower with her mistress for seven years. Through her diary entries, she tells her story and questions whether doing what she knows is right, is more important than doing what she wants, or what tradition would have her do.

It does have some issues which I felt were a bit much for a 12 year old, including references to the heroine being naked in front of the enemies armies, as well as the antagonist exposing himself in front of Dashti's mistress. I imagine that many of the questionable issues would go right over many young girls head.

I am one of the few who did not love this book. My original comment was that this book was 999 days too many. The heroines constant references to the ancestors drove me crazy especially while they were in the tower. Plus, it took too long for Lady Saren's (Dashti's mistress) story to come out.  Shannon Hale does a good job writing the handsome prince and I quite liked his character.

 Overall, when my daughters want to read this book I will absolutely let them, but I will push Goose Girl and Princess Academy first.

Happy Reading

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